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Real or Fake??

Posted by Brad Flinders on November 14, 2013 at 9:45 AM

I just acquired this Lone Star Beer Steinie.   Texas steinies are few and far between so I was happy to get this one.  But....when I lived in San Antonio a few years ago, Texas collectors were torn on the authenticity of this label on a steinie bottle.   The label is common on a long neck and you occasionally saw the 12 oz label on a quart bottle (not an uncommon practice as I've seen t his done by other brewers).  The label itself is very common and you can find stacks of these in antique stores throughout the San Antonio area.  It seems that glueing the label to various types of bottles happens all the time with this label.  So...why do I think this is an authentic label?  A couple of reasons.   I contacted Charlie Staats, an authority on San Antonio Breweriana.   He says he has found 2 of these bottles, one of which was still full.  He is convinced it is authentic.   Also, the label on my bottle is affixed using the glue pattern one sees on most bottles in the 1930 - 1950 time frame.  On both the right hand and left hand edge of the label is a 1/4" strip of glue that when looked at from the back of the bottle appears as a dark strip.  This pattern is extremely difficult if not impossible to duplicate as glue residue is left on the bottle around the label.  With those things in mind, I'm convinced this bottle is authentic.

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