Vintage Beer Bottles


New Acquisitions

I'm always adding new bottles to my collection.  This page will showcase new bottles I've acquired since the beginning of 2016, about the time I "Re-Branded" this web site.



Old Derby Ale

One of the oldies.  U-Permit 757 making it from 1933 - 1936.  Just got this in the mail today.

Vita Beer steinie

I just acquired this Vita Beer steinie from the Garden City Brewing Co in Chicago.  I don't find too many new bottles for my Chicago collection and I've never seen this one before so it is an added bonus.  It was part of a large lot of bottles on eBay.

Prince of Pilsen steinie

It has been a long time since I added a steinie from the Mound City Brewing Co in New Athens, Illinois.  This bottle makes 14 different steinies from this brewery in my collection.  However, given how prolific this brewery was in the variety of labels produced, I'm sure there could be quite a few more.